Poetry to Inspire us – Black History Month

As part of our Black History month work at the beginning of next term we will be studying the following poem which was written about the then First Lady, Michelle Obama:

Listen and Read Here

Over half and in preparation for our work the first week back we would like you to listen to and read the poem and think about the following questions;

  1. How do you think the poet feels towards Michelle Obama? (What evidence can you find?)
  2. What language does the poet use to show emotion and feeling towards Michelle?
  3. How would you describe the personal tone or atmosphere of the poem?
  4. How does the poem make you feel and why?

Please leave comments here and be ready to discuss the poem in our English lessons the first week back.

As well as thinking about the poem itself we would also like you to start thinking about someone who has inspired you in your life and why – be ready to use these ideas the first week back in your own poetry.

Well done for all your hard work this term year 6 – have a restful and fun half term!

The Year 6 Team xx

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It’s Time to Make a Change Against Climate Change!

As part of our work based on our class novel – Floodland, we have been discussing and exploring the world wide issue of Climate Change. Next week we are going to be channeling our inner Greta and writing persuasive letters to the government to convince them of the changes they need to make to save our planet for the future generations – us!

Your challenge this weekend is to research what is causing climate change and what needs to be done to reduce the impact of this. It is also important to explore what persuasive techniques you will use to influence the government and persuade them to make a change for the better.

Channel your Inner Greta!

Check out these links to support your research:


Further your Research Here



Good luck on your quest for making a change for the better and helping save our planet!

The Year 6 Team xx

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Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick

We will be starting our work around our class novel – Floodland by Marcus Sedwick after School Journey week. We would like you to analyse the front cover and the blurb and comment on the following questions to start our discussions in class.

1. Write a short prediction of what you think the plot of the novel will be?

2. What do you think the ‘big ideas’ or themes of the book are?

3. What characters do you think will be involved in the plot and what might their relationships be with each other?

Please leave your comments here and we will share these in our first English Lesson!

Have a great week,
The Year 6 Team x
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Welcome – Class of 2019!

Welcome to 6MB’s fantastic new blog!

This will be a platform for us to share our ideas, learn from each other and the world around us, as well as celebrating the amazing work and progress we make in year 6!

What are you excited about this year?

What goals and ambitions do you have and how will you achieve this?

Good Luck 6MB – Set your sights high and you can achieve great things,

Ms Mumby and Ms Beaver x

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